Monday, September 29, 2008

WEEK 5: DeLaSalle vs. Detroit C.C.

**DLS's Chet Privett pounds in a TD**
**DLS's Ben Hayes makes a tackle**
**DLS's John Martinez**
**DCC's John Jakubik makes an INT**

Novi- Sunday marked the 64th annual Boys' Bowl as Detroit Catholic Central hosted Warren DeLaSalle. The Boys' Bowl is full of tradition and pride and Sunday just added to it as DCC and DeLaSalle battled for four hard fought quarters, but in the end DeLaSalle stood on top with a 12-7 victory, as the Pilots improved to 5-0. With the loss DCC drops to 2-2 and is easily the best 2-2 team in Michigan.

In the beginning neither team could move the ball with much success as the defenses stood tough. DeLaSalle made the game's first big play when John Matinez jumped a DCC pass lane and took an interception 42 yards down to the 6 yard line. Facing a 3rd-and-goal from the 2 yard line Chet Privett powered his way into the endzone. The extra point was no good leaving the Pilots with a 6-0 lead with 6:48 left in the first half.

DeLaSalle took the kickoff to start the third quarter but quarterback Josh Sinagoga lost control of the ball when he was reading the defense while running an option play. DCC fell on the ball and the Shamrocks were in business at the Pilot's 26 yard line. DCC managed to convert the fumble recovery into a touchdown on Sam Landry's 23 yard pass to Steve Harding to give DCC a 7-6 lead.

DeLaSalle answered back with the game winning drive that saw the Pilots just pound the ball down the throat of the DCC defense. The Pilots ate up most of the third quarter clock on the drive and capped it with another TD from fullback Privett. The 2-point conversion pass to Jim Martinez fell incomplete making the score 12-7 in favor of the Pilots.

DCC had 3 shots in the game's final six minutes but failed to convert a first down on any of the possessions.


DeLaSalle- the Pilots are small in size but they rely on team speed, even from their O-line. The Pilots O-line does a great job with downfield blocking. DeLaSalle relies on the option to move the chains and use a handful of different backs, but Chet Privett's running up the belly was the difference in this game.

DCC- the Shamrocks defense played a great game but offensively they couldn't move the ball. When they fell back to pass they couldn't muster anything but that credit has to go to a speedy Pilot pass rush. DCC has to pull out a win next week against OLSM to stay in the playoff hunt.

GAME MVP: Ben Hayes, DeLaSalle Hayes was all over the field making plays. DeLaSalle lined him up at D-end, D-tackle, and outside linebacker to keep DCC guessing where he would be. Hayes batted passes down, made tackles, and put Landry on his back at least 5 times. He used his speed to fire off the ball and blow up run plays.

Martinez Brothers- these twins are gamers! They are all over the field, or maybe it just seems that way because there are two of them. They are both lock down corners and know how to get open as receivers.

Chet Privett, DeLaSalle-
the fullback/linebacker was a beast taking FB dives and moving the chains. He finished with 50 yards on just 11 touches, not bad for a basic FB dive run.

Nick Landry, DCC- a 6-4/270 pound left tackle. Landry has good foot speed and standsout at both pass and run blocking.

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