Friday, September 19, 2008

WEEK 4: Parkway Christian vs. Southfield Christian

**Parkway's Zurlon Tipton**
**Southfield's Devon Bailey**
**Parkway's Brandon Gennette**
**Southfield's Connor Myles**

Fraser- Thursday night's are a rare night for high school games, so I took advantage of it and used it as an opportunity to watch Central Michigan commit Zurlon Tipton play. During football season it gets tough to watch some of the smaller schools play but trust me they know how to put on a show.

Parkway Christian has an enrollment of 191 while Southfield Christian has 330 students. So you can figure that neither team had a ton of bodies, which forces players to play both ways. This is the part of football that I miss because it shows just how tough some kids are. Tipton for instance not only carries the offensive load for Parkway but he also lines up at middle linebacker. The 6-1/ 200 pound linebacker didn't disappoint and it won't take him long to find the field at Central Michigan.

However Tipton wasn't the only player I came away impressed with, matter of fact both teams have a handful of students that have an opportunity to play at the next level. Southfield had their own feature back to lead the way in junior Devon Bailey. Bailey matched Tipton highlight for highlight, but it was Tipton's Parkway team that came away with a 52-41 win in a high scoring shootout.

Parkway's Mitch Michalski caught a 6 yard pass in the endzone on the final play of the first quarter to give Parkway a 14-13 lead heading into the second quarter. Just minutes into the second quarter Tipton broke a tackle in the backfield and raced 18 yards for a 21-13 lead.

Southfield answered right back with Bailey who picked up 8 yards every time he touched the ball. Fullback Connor Myles capped the drive with a 2 yard run to make the score 21-19. Both Tipton and Bailey reach paydirt one more time before halftime to give Parkway a 28-27 lead at intermission.

I thought the defenses would take over in the second half but I was wrong as the fireworks continued. Southfield tried to stack the box but it just allowed Parkway to throw the ball. Brandon Gennette hit Matt Cooper for a TD pass to go up 35-27. A 39 yard field goal by Aaron Mick gave Parkway a 38-27 lead early in the fourth quarter but again Southfield refused to throw in the towel.

Southfield cut into the lead with a 65 yard TD pass from Geoff VanGorder to Aaron Myles. Tipton kept Parkway at a distance with a 70 yard scamper and a 45-35 lead.

With 4:40 left in the game Southfield trailed 45-41 and got their first stop of the game forcing Parkway to punt the ball. Tipton's punt rolled down to the 1 yard line forcing Southfield to travel 99 yards for the win. The drive started soundly as Southfield advanced the ball towards midfield with plenty of time left but an interception by freshman Ricky Paoletti secured the win for Parkway. Christian tacked on one more TD in the final minute to make the final score 52-41.


Parkway- they don't have much size and that worries me about how long of a run they will make in the playoffs. They start a handful of lineman that weigh 160 pounds. Tipton is the man but they also have other playmakers that can score from anywhere. Offensively they can score as was evident last night, but their run defense will need to toughen up.

like Parkway I predict Southfield will be a playoff team even though they are 2-2 right now. They have a very talented junior class which will make them good for at least two years, the junior backfield of Bailey and Myles is good...real good! But again like Southfield their defense needs to get more stops.

GAME MVP: Zurlon Tipton, Parkway Tipton does it all for his team, feature tailback, middle linebacker, punter, heck he even filled the water jugs! Central Michigan got a steal with Tipton, he's just a pure football player. He rushed for 200+ yards to go with 4 touchdowns and a kick off return for a TD.

Anthony Johnson, Parkway- Johnson is Tipton's sophomore brother and he is already 6-4 while playing receiver. He didn't get many touches but he does stretch the field with his size and speed. He also has the skills to play D-1 football.

Brandon Gennette, Parkway- Gennette is a solid high school quarterback that can make plays with both his arm and feet. He's a tough kid and he wasn't afraid to take a hit. He doubled up as a safety for Parkway.

Aaron Mick, Parkway- Mick is a sophomore kicker and has a chance to be real special. He cleared a 39 yard kick with ease. Chain game told me he can knock them down from 45 with ease and they way he cleared the 39-yarder, I believe them.

Devon Bailey, Southfield- the junior back has a special blend of speed and power. He has great patience that allows his blockers to open up wholes for him. Once he sees the whole he hits it hard. Bailey also ran for 150+ yards and a pair of TDs.

Connor Myles, Southfield- the junior fullback can play either tailback or fullback but he seems to like the contact of lead blocking. He did a solid job of staying with his block 10 yards down field. Myles also had his share of rushes and also found the endzone.

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Grammy said...

Great article...and it was a great game. But #36 for SCS is Connor Michals. #25 is Aaron Myles. Somehow the Parkway announcer was saying Connor Myles all night!