Tuesday, September 23, 2008

WEEK 4: Inkster vs. Edsel Ford

Inkster- What's the best way to slow down a potent offense? Keep them off the field! And that is what Edsel Ford's game plan was against Inkster Saturday afternoon.

It worked in the first half as Edsel Ford held a 7-6 lead at the half and Inkster's offense only saw 10 snaps in the first two quarters. The Thunderbirds put together two drives that each ate up more than 7 minutes off the clock. The first drive was capped by Kevin King's 4 yard run. The second drive totaled 85 yards but was stalled on 4th-and-goal from less than a yard away but Inkster's Denzel Richmond made a tackle in the Edsel backfield. Inkster scored their lone first half touchdown off of a 24 yard TD pass from Devin Gardner to John Taylor.

Unfortunately for Edsel Ford, Inkster's defense is just as potent with linebackers Richmond and Darnel Morris. In the second half Inkster made their adjustments and the defense took over and didn't allow Edsel Ford's wishbone offense to gain a yard. From there Gardner and company took over and exploded for 28 third quarter points.

Gardner again hooked up with Taylor, this time from 48 yards. Gardner rushed in another score from a few yards out and tailback Alan Freeman ran in from 12 yards out. By time the dust had cleared Inkster finished off Edsel Ford with a 41-7 victory.

Inkster- At times there seems to be too many weapons to keep everyone happy but the staff does a solid job of moving the ball around. The offense gets all the pub but the defense is just as exciting to watch with all the speed they put on the field. As long as this team can stay together and not worry about who does what, they will be tough to beat in division 4.

Edsel Ford- the game plan was executed well in the first half but they were just under matched talent wise to keep it up for four quarters. Their wishbone offense worked well but when they got down they just couldn't throw out of it.

GAME MVP: Devin Gardner, Inkster he's the truth alright! If he has the right work ethic you'll see him playing on Sundays. He does a good job of scanning all his options and not locking in to one receiver. He has good pocket presence and doesn't take off to early.

Denzel Richmond and Darnel Morris, Inkster- this middle linebacker combination is a pair of freaks. They only stand about 5-11 but they have great instincts and don't waste time finding the ball, plus their physical appearance proves that they are no stranger to the weight room.

Alan Freeman, Inkster- as good as Gardner and the receivers are, Freeman might be the team's MVP. He forces team to respect the run game and he fights hard between the tackles. He has home run speed and knows how to read his blocks.

Cameron Gordon, Inkster- had a quiet day but was still efficient because he opened the field up for other receivers by drawing double coverage every play. He's so big and fast but I was most impressed by how hard he runs every possible route.

Jon Taylor, Inkster- makes a living by just running up and down the sideline. He's the whole package at 6-2 with burners. With Gordon on the other side he gets allot of single coverage and he'll make teams pay. He finished with 2 touchdowns and over 100 yards.

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