Monday, September 1, 2008

WEEK 1: Detroit King vs. Muskegon

**Anthony Davis gets knocked out of bounds by Devon Troup**
**Elan Banks finds running room against the King "D"**
**Jason Hannett was all over the King run game**
**Anthony Davis dives into the endzone for the game's first TD**

Eastern Michigan- The long awaited hype between state powerhouses Muskegon and Detroit King turned out to be nothing more than hype as Muskegon didn't waste anytime to flex their muscle at the Big Day Prep Showdown at Eastern Michigan University.

What was suppose to be a big time match-up between Muskegon and the defending State Champs turned into a one-sided affair as Muskegon ran up and down the field in a 35-0 thumping.

Muskegon's run attack racked up 276 rush yards to go with four rushing TD's and averaged 9.5 yards every time they ran the ball. But as good as the Big Red run game was, their defense was even more impressive. King's freshman quarterback Langston Williams failed to complete a pass, and King didn't cross the 50 yard line till the fourth quarter, when 2nd stringers controlled the game.

Muskegon got their first TD on a 5 yard run from Anthony Davis. The Big Red defense added to score board next when King faced a 3-and-10. Williams was chased out of the pocket and was brought down in the endzone for a safety making the score 8-0.

Jason Hannett found paydirt next for the Big Reds on a fullback dive that gained 40 yards right up the gut. The two point conversion was unsuccessful making the score 14-0 at the end of the first. Davis and Hannett both scored 35 yard touchdowns in the second quarter to give Muskegon a 28-0 lead at the half.

Any life that King was able to scrape up at the half was instantly killed when Muskegon's Will Gardner took the second half kickoff 80 yards to the house to implement the mercy rule.

GAME MVP: Muskegon defense the Big Red defense set the tone early by not allowing King a single yard on their first two possessions. They tacked on a safety and King never crossed the 40 yard line in the first half, and didn't cross midfield till the fourth quarter. Muskegon's defense flew to the ball and hit, and I mean hit. King's backs took a pounding as you could hear Muskegon lay the wood as the sound echoed in the stadium.

Elan Banks, Muskegon- the senior QB was efficient in running the Big Red offense. Muskegon's offense is tough to run because plays are called at the line and checks have to be made but Banks, in his first start, was cooler than the other side of the pillow. He connected on 7-of-9 passes for 81 yards.

Jason Hannett, Muskegon- Hannett ran for 92 yards and 2 TD's on only 8 touches and he was just as impressive at middle linebacker. He is small for your typical middle LB but he is just as efficient, Hannett gets to the ball and knows how to finish. I can see him playing safety at the next level.

Langston Williams, King- the freshman QB was just outmatched against Muskegon. He has wheels and on one play he broke two tackles for a 25 yard gain. He needs to fine tune his mechanics but he is a definitely D-1 prospect.

Dennis Norfleet, King- another freshman, who started at both tailback and corner for the defending champs. Norfleet took a pounding in his first game but continued to bounce back up. He has good footwork and knows how to use his hands at his corner position.

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