Sunday, September 7, 2008

WEEK 2: Flushing vs. Flint Beecher

**Flushing's Chris Buckel**
**Beecher's Janero Walker **
**D'Marius Houston breaks a tackle**
**Brett Brindley finds running room**

Yes, it is true that you can only put 11 players on the field at one time but Flushing, and their enrollment of over 1,500 students, had an obvious advantage over Beecher, a school of 450 students.

However Flushing's biggest advantage came in their offensive line that paved the way in the Raiders 46-0 win over the Bucs. The O-line made it look easy being one of the Raider's backs, who found plenty of running room on nearly every play in the first half as Flushing built a 43-0 halftime lead.

But it was Flushing's defense and special teams that allowed the Raiders to find paydirt early and often. Flushing's Defense started the game with a quick 3-and-out. Brett Brindley took the punt back to the 1 yard line and two plays later QB Chris Buckel dove into the endzone for the 7-0 lead. After another 3-and-out by the Raider defense, Buckle scored again from 7 yards out.

Early in the second quarter Allen Blake scored on a 28 yard end around and the route was on. Flushing lit the scoreboard up for 30 second quarter points.

Flushing didn't get much of a test and they now start conference play and will play conference champs, Davison, next week. Davison will come in with an 0-2 record but are still one of the state's top teams with losses coming to Lowell and Rockford.

Beecher has a solid foundation and I give the Bucs credit for playing the class A school. The loss should help prepare Beecher for the playoffs and future games against Allan Park Cabrini and Flint Northwestern. Even though the Bucs didn't get a chance to show it against Flushing, they have some dangerous weapons in receivers Janero Walker and D'Marius Houston.

MVP- Casey Kelly the LB/Fullback set the tone early. He made big plays defensively and does a great job lead blocking in the spread offense. He knows how to get down field ,stay balanced and squared up to make solid blocks.

Chris Buckel, Flushing- the Detroit Free Press did a feature on Buckle last week mentioning how well of a job the 5-6 QB does. What they failed to mention is the kid is tough as a rock and I have a feeling that he lives in the weight room. His size is a nonfactor because Flushing keeps him in shotgun and move him out of the pocket.

Janero Walker, Beecher- Walker is the vocal leader of Beecher and a lock down corner on top of it. He relies on his speed but also plays physical. Walker never leaves the field, as he doubles up at receiver, and special teams.

Taron Boose, Beecher- the linebacker and tight end is a talent but relies on mostly pure athleticism as he lacks some technique. If he commits himself to the football field he could turn into a solid prospect.

Antwaun Burks, Beecher- the freshman QB had a tough day with little time to make any kind of plays but he is another future prospect for the Bucs.

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