Thursday, October 30, 2008


**Murphy Wilson has been huge for Nouvel on both sides of the ball**
**Janero Walker brings Beecher senior leadership**

BREAKDOWN: the biggest question floating around Division 6 this year is: Can anyone prevent Nouvel from a 3-peat, my answer in no! It will be interesting to see who Nouvel plays at Ford Field because there are a number of contenders that could come out of region 3 or region 4.

OFFENSIVE PLAYER TO WATCH: Robert Essex, Carrollton the junior tailback has rushed for 1,600 yards and 19 TD's while averaging close to 25 rushes per game.

DEFFESIVE PLAYER TO WATCH: Josh Fallon, Nouvel the 6-3/209 pound middle linebacker is a throwback type player and his teammates will follow his toughness for 5 more games.

UNDERCLASSMEN TO WATCH: Antwaun Burks, Beecher the freshman quarterback hasn't allowed the speed of the varisty level to rattle him, not lets see how he handles the pressure of the playoffs.

TOUGHEST DISTRICT: Region 2- District 2

TOUGHEST ROUND 1 GAME: Marlette at Carrollton

UPSET BREWING: Calvin Christian over Clare

SLEEPER TEAM: Beecher, they are as well coached and disciplined as any team in the playoffs, plus they have the speed to go with mental toughness.

FINAL 4 PICKS: Iron Mountain vs. Nouvel C.C. and K-Zoo Christian vs. Blissfield

Nouvel C.C. over K-Zoo Christian

WHY NOUVEL: The Panthers finished 9-0 and their schedule was tougher than any other team in Division 6. Coach Boyd will have his team prepared and you just can’t match the experience factor that Nouvel will have over any opponent.

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