Saturday, December 13, 2008

HOOPS: Southeastern vs. Robichaud

**Brandan Kearney knocks down a 3-pointer**
**Ray Lee attacks the basket**
**Percy Gibson powers his way to the basket**
**Darren Washington tips in a basket while being fouled**

Detroit- The future is now for Detroit Southeastern! Everyone in the media has gone on record stating that Southeastern, with their talented group of sophomores, has an opportunity to compete for a state crown in a year or two, but the way the Jungaleers played yesterday in their 86-63 win over Dearborn Robichaud only showed that Southeastern has a good shot to compete for the PSL title and a state title this year!

Southeastern quickly jumped out to a 10 point lead on two first quarter 3-pointers from Brandan Kearney. A steal and basket from Kimani Boynton made the lead 15 points heading into the second quarter. In the second quarter it was the Jungaleer's big fellas who made their presence felt, particularly Percy Gibson. The 6-8 sophomore challenged every shot Robichaud took in the paint, and showed some sweat post moves on the offensive end to help Southeastern take a commanding 49-24 lead into the half.

Another Kearney 3-pointer followed by a steal and dunk from Boynton built the lead to 30 points as Southeastern cruised through the final 10 minutes.

BREAKDOWN- Southeastern is loaded with depth and that was seen yesterday as Coach Mark White shuffled in player after player on every dead whistle. The Jungaleers have key players at every position and have a at least 5 post players that are at least 6-5 to control the paint.

Robichaud has a solid starting five but depth was a big factor on why the score was so one sided. The Bulldogs have some athletic forwards but just couldn't match muscle for muscle with the Jungaleers.

PLAYER OF GAME- Brandan Kearney, S.E., 6-6 PG- Robichaud started the game with a 2-3 zone and BK quickly made them pay by knocking down shots from deep range. His basketball I.Q. is just so rare to find in a sophomore. He sees the floor well and did a great job setting up his teammates. Finished with 19 points to go with 8 assist, 6 rebounds, and 4 steals.


Percy Gibson, S.E., 6-8 Fwd- Gibson is starting to realize just how good he can be. He really inserted himself and was a force against Robichaud. He dominated the paint with 16 points, 12 rebounds, and 4 blocks.

Ray Lee, Robichaud, 6-1 PG- the freshman is long and very bouncy, he has a good feel what to do with the basketball, only problem was his teammates didn't give him many touches in this game. He still logged 7 points and 4 assist.

Kimani Boynton, S.E., 5-10 G-
the combo guard chipped in with 16 points. At times he forces shots but he brings his team allot of energy on both ends.

Darren Washington, S.E., 6-10 C- Big D is starting to get his feet underneath him. He runs the floor well and doesn't have any problems keeping up with his guards. He blocked 2 shots against Robichaud. Even though it takes big guys longer to develop, Big D is way ahead of the curb.

Carlos Carter, S.E., 5-10 G- gets unnoticed in a loaded line-up but Carter is a big part of Southeastern. He brings a toughness and swagger to the team.

Will Gholston, S.E., 6-5 PF- just a animal on the block, another Jungaleer that brings a swagger and that toughness to a talented team. He didn't log many stats but numbers don't show what he brings to the team.

Anthony Fields, S.E., 6-0 PG- didn't play due to a wrist injury. Shouldn't be out long.

Winthrop Thomas, Robichaud, 6-3 wing fwd- athletic wing who led his team with 14 points. Good all around game and he does a good job of making the right play.

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