Wednesday, December 3, 2008


**Muskegon celebrates their State Championship**
**Jason Hannett prepares to deliever a hit**
** Jason Hannett stays on his feet**
**Anthony Davis Jr. tackles Jim Martinez **

Zero turnovers for Muskegon and the results were a 34-14 win over DeLaSalle for the State Championship. Last week the Big Reds nearly cut their own throats with seven turnovers and had to use a dramatic comeback win over Davison, but not in this game. Muskegon’s looked flawless on both sides and never gave DeLaSalle any hope of pulling out a win.

Anthony Davis' 46 yard touchdown gave the Big Reds a 7-0 lead. Then Elan Banks and Jason Hannett added short runs of their own to give Muskegon a 20-0 halftime lead, and while Muskegon was running all over the place it was the complete opposite for DeLaSalle. The Pilots have a platoon of different backs that rely on either power or speed, and none of them could find any kind of running room. The downfield threats of brothers Jim and John Martinez, were taken away by a tough and physical Muskegon secondary.

The lead grew to 27-0, on Hannett's 6 yard score, before DeLaSalle could find the endzone on a Tim Zabawa run. But then Hannett answered right back with a 55 yard score to keep DeLaSalle at bay.


Muskegon- no team in Michigan does a better job of breaking and eluding tackles like the Big Red backs do. Play after play Muskegon runners spun out of the first would be tackler to pick up another 5 yards. Coach Tony Annese is the best coach in the state, in my opinion, his team's are well prepared and disciplined, in a very complicated no huddle offense.

DeLaSalle- had and took some shots early but they ended up dropping passes and you can't do that against a great team and expect win. I'm a big fan of what DeLaSalle does and I picked them to go to the finals but they were just out of their league against Muskegon.

Game MVP: Jason Hannett, Muskegon- I have been saying for three years that I don't know why he isn't getting more college interest. He can play either side of the ball at the next level. He gave DeLaSalle fits from his linebacker/safety position while running for 155 yards and 3 TD's on 22 rushes.

Elan Banks, Muskegon- not strong enough of a arm to be a college QB but he was fantastic all season for Muskegon, he managed the offense, and made the throws when he had to. Completed half of his throws for 76 yards and ran 16 times for 117 yards.

Melvin Crews, Muskegon- has a great blend of strength and speed from D-end. He has good technique with his hands to shed blocks and is a real playmaker defensively.

Anthony Davis Jr., Muskegon- the third force in the Big red backfield and even though he only had 6 touches he still rung up 80 yards and a TD.

Willie Coulter-Hill, Muskegon-
a 5-10/255 pound junior guard. He had to go up against Ben Hayes all game and when I first saw the match-up, I thought Hayes was going to have a field day but credit Coulter-Hill because he did a fantastic job of shutting Hayes down.

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