Wednesday, December 3, 2008


**Cody Kater throws a 98 yard TD**
**Travis Crowe looks to deliver a pass**
**Kater got great protection from a physical O-line**

Sometimes it’s just meant to be and teams have destiny on their side. Montague had that feeling in the division 6 final as the Wildcats used their momentum from last week’s overtime win over Nouvel C.C. The Wildcats jumped out to a 14-0 lead just two minutes into the game off of touchdown runs from QB Cody Kater (30 yards) and AJ LaRue (13 yards). Montague extended the lead to 21-0 when Kater hit Anthony Root for a 46 yard touchdown half way through the first quarter.

But midway through the first half, even after trailing 21-0, Leslie took control of the game’s momentum. Their defense toughened up and their offense found running room. Trent Page's 50 yard touchdown kept Leslie's hopes alive as the lead was cut to 21-6.

The game took a swing back towards Montague's direction when they Wildcats stuffed Leslie on 4th-and-goal from the 4 yard line. On the very next play it appeared that Kater was sacked for a safety but the officials ruled that his forward progress was stopped at the one yard line. Two plays later Kater threw a 98 yard touchdown to Root. The sequence of plays pretty much determined the game as Montague took a 35-6 lead into the half and finished off Leslie 41-20.


Montague- the thing that stood out to me the most about Montague was their defensive line. They averaged 5-7 and 200 pounds but I don’t think I would ever try to steal a potato chip from one of them. The Wildcats also do a good job of downfield blocking, even 20 yards down field, they block till they whistle blows.

Leslie- the offense showed flashes and even put together some pretty impressive drives but they just dug theirselves too deep of a whole and defensively they just couldn’t stop Montague. The 98 yard touchdown just broke Leslie’s back but credit the coaching staff because the kids never gave up and fought for the entire game.

Game MVP: Cody Kater, Montague- the junior was plagued the whole game with a hip injury he sustained in the first quarter but you couldn’t tell by his performance. Kater played safety, QB, and even recovered an onside kick. At 6-3/and 200 pounds he has a good shot of playing QB in college.

Matt DeJong, Montegue-
a good size receiver at 6-3 even though he only had 1 catch for 16 yards but he drew double coverage. He's a phenomenal downfield blocker. Also started at safety.

Drew Pineda, Montague- the junior linebacker can really get physical and stuff the run. Led Montague in tackles.

Trent Page, Leslie- Page is a true "Mr. Do It All" although he had to be used as a decoy because Montague shadowed his every step. Although he still had 3 TD's.

Devin Twombley, Leslie- a pure power back that lowers his should and runs down hill. He racked up 123 yards and 12 touches.

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