Monday, December 29, 2008

HOOPS: Hartland vs. Flint Powers

**Sugar Shane goes up for 2 of his 27 points**
**Vonn Jones led Hartland with 27 points and 10 assist**
**Powers' Demarco Sanders**
**Matt Poches added 20 points and 8 boards**

Harper Woods- this was a very intriguing game due to the match-ups at every position, as big time recruits filled the court on both teams. Hartland is a veteran team looking for some state wide love while Powers brought back almost everyone from a team that advanced to the state championship last year.

Powers used that state final experience to jump out to a 12-2 lead and a 32-16 lead at the end of the first quarter. Powers was off and running and resembled the Harlem Globetrotters as they took turns tossing no look passes to each other. Midway through the second quarter Vonn Jones had seen enough and went on a 3-point bomb fest to cut the lead to single digits. Two baskets from Powers' Shane Moreland built the lead back to 46-29 at halftime.

Baskets from Vonn and Matt Poches kept Hartland close as they again trimmed Powers' lead to 10 points. However Hartland had no answer for Rodney Anderson, who's "and 1" slam put Hartland way and Powers cruised the rest of the way for a 94-71 win.

BREAKDOWN: boy, oh boy, was Powers impressive. They spread the floor with shooters all over the place and they don't waste any time pushing the ball. That was the difference in the game because Hartland's transition defense was horrible and Powers must have had atleast 30 points in fastbreak lay-ups. Powers is so balance in scoring that all five starters reached double figures. Powers will only get tougher in January when transfer Pierre Brackett becomes eligible- giving Powers one of the best defenders in the country.

PLAYER OF GAME: Shane Moreland, Powers- Sugar Shane seems more focused into getting his teammates involved this year. He can still score whenever he wants, as he put up 27 points in this game. But I love his ability to pass the ball and his eagerness to feed his teammates.


Patrick Lucas-Perry, Powers- PLP played like a seasoned veteran. He controlled the tempo and quickly pushed the ball up the floor. He knocked down a handful of mid range jump shots, which is starting to become his signature mark just like the Piston's Richard Hamilton. Finished with 18 points.

Rodney Anderson, Powers- Hartland was never able to get a body on the 6-8 leaper. Andersons' skills are so raw but the light is starting to turn on for him. He finished with three sick dunks on his way to 12 points and 9 rebounds.

Demarco Sanders, Powers-
I was really impressed with Sanders, teamed up with PLP and Sugar Shane, Powers now has three guards that can fill it up. Sanders added 12 points and 8 boards and is much improved from a year ago.

Vonn Jones, Hartland- Powers tried to double team Jones but he was still able to get his. Jones rained six 3-pointers on his way to a 27 point and 10 assist game.

Matt Poches, Hartland- had his motor running which led to 20 points, 8 boards, and 4 steals.

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