Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Washington's a Jungaleer

Darren Washington has taken his game to Detroit Southeastern and will be eligible to play for the Jungaleers immediately. The 6-9 center from Sterling Heights was expected to play at Stevenson High School but Washington and his family decided Southeastern would be the best choice for his development as a player.

"I was real excited when I find out that Darren was going to attend our school," mentioned Head Coach Mark White of Southeastern, "I had heard of him better I had never seen him play. He has a ton of potential and already has laid the foundation to be a really good player. He has good right and left balance and his skill set is solid. The sky is the limit for Darren."

Washington spent his freshman year at Heritage Middle school in Sterling Heights. Even though Heritage has freshman enrollment they are considered a middle school, which allowed Washington's enrollment at Southeastern to not be considered a transfer. Washington had his choice to attend any high school with open enrollment and he picked the Jungaleers.

"Big D" has exploded onto the basketball this world. He has spent his weekends playing with the 15-u Michigan Mustangs. Washington has rare characteristics for a 15 year old of his size. "He has a huge upside and can really run the floor for a player of size," states Coach Mike Faletti of the Michigan Mustangs, "He has great timing blocking shots and rebounding plus he has a passion for the game and he's a real tough kid."

Washington now gives Coach White three high major prospects from the class of 2011 with Washington joining 6-4 Brandan Kearney (PG) and 6-8 Percy Gibson (PF). "All three guys learn quickly and they have a chance to be really, really good." says Coach White, "We have talent and potential but now we need to develop those skills. We are working hard in individual drills and in the weight room."

Washington already has a 7-foot wingspan and with a size 18 shoe the writing is on the wall that he will soon be a 7-footer. But being a seven footer isn't Darren goal, he wants to be a skilled basketball player when it is all said and done, and right now he is on the right road.

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