Sunday, June 15, 2008

Izzo Shootout: Top 15 Underclassmen

Listed below are the top 15 performances from the classes of 2011 and 2012 at the Izzo Shootout. The players are listed in alphabetical order.

Lee Bailey, PG, Country Day- looked comfortable running the show for the Yellowjackets and more importantly he took care of the ball. He understands the team's strengths are in the post, and he continuously fed the big fellas the ball.

Carlton Brundidge, wing, Southfield- is putting his team on the map and they did it with a long bracket run on Saturday. Brundidge scored at will all weekend. He is better suited when he attacks the basket by he isn't shy to let it fly from deep.

Percy Gibson, PF, Det. Southeastern- showed off his soft touch near the basket and his ability to run the floor. Right now Gibson is the best developed big man of all the underclassmen, his footwork is way ahead of the game.

LaDonte Henton, wing, Lansing Eastern- "Buckets" might have been the most dominate player regardless of class. He led the Quakers to some big wins over some big schools like Country Day and Saginaw High, against Country Day he took it right to DaShonte Riley.

Devin Ivy, PG, Ottawa Hills- a PG that can get his shot off whenever he wants, the only problem is it might not be a high percentage shot. Ivy will put Ottawa Hills on the map in the basketball world.

Brandan Kearney, PG, Det. Southeastern- "The King" is still only 60% and you could tell by the way he hobbled up the court, BUT he was still effective by dishing out assist and putting his teammates in great positions to score.

Ray Lee, wing, Robichaud- the incoming freshman proved that he will play a key role for Robichaud this season. He was able to handle the speed and physical play of the varsity level.

Patrick Lucas-Perry, PG, Flint Powers- a high basketball I.Q. point guard with a sweet shot from anywhere on the floor. Did a solid job of distributing the ball to a team full of scorers.

Tommie McCune, WF, Saginaw- he looks comfortable catching the ball and facing the basket. He plays a little too unselfish but Saginaw will need him to put up points this year. Very long and active and has high major written all over him.

Trey McDonald, C, Battle Creek Central- at 6-6 he adds his name to the list of big fellas in the class of 2011. He has some big shoes to fill by replacing Jason Washburn at BCC. Needs to work on his foot speed but he does take care of the dirty work in the paint.

Julian Plummer, PF, Muskegon Heights- strong post player, needs to continue to polish up his offensive skills but he is bulky and tough to move around. He plays on a team filled with small guards so his productivity is very important.

Matt Poches, wing, Hartland- tried to play hurt and was unable to finish the shootout but he was still good enough to land his name on this list. At 50% he was still good enough to hit some 3-pointers and get to the basket while drawing contact.

Dell Simon, G, Arthur Hill- maturity wise, he doesn't look like a soph-to-be. strong and tough player that fits perfectly into the Hill's style of play. He gets to the basket well however he does need to improve on his outside shooting.

Denzel Valentine, wing, Lansing Sexton- his Coach/Dad is making it real tough for Denzel to get minutes but he is doing big things with the minutes he is getting. At 6-3 Valentine is pulling rebounds down and scoring in a variety of ways.

Amir Williams, C, Country Day- carried the load in the middle when Riley and Kirk had to miss Saturday. He doesn't look to put up a lot of shots but he sees the floor well and can make the right pass from the post. Did a solid job of blocking shots as well.

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