Thursday, June 5, 2008

Mustang Jamboree: Standouts

Listed below are players that were on top of their game over the course of the weekend in Lansing.

Doug Anderson, 2009, 17-u Mustangs- Doug has been MIA (missing in action) the last couple of weeks, in his return he gave the Stangs that energy burst that they feed off with his electrifying dunks. Doug also hit some jumpers from 17-feet out.

Matt Balkema, 2009, 17-u Mustangs- Balkema looks good running the floor while still playing plenty of minutes. He is in the best shape of his life and has really started working hard. He now gives the Stangs a consistent and good big man.

Alex Gauna, 2010, 16-u Mustangs- has the best outside game of any big man in the state, he shoots the ball with plenty of confidence from 3-point range. He also posterized a few defenders over the weekend.

LaDonte Henton, 2011, 17-u Eastern Quakers- "Buckets" played with his school team over the weekend and they looked good by pulling out some wins over a couple AAU teams. Buckets averaged 20 and 15 with his Quaker boys.

Juwan Howard Jr., 2010, 16-u Mustangs- Juwan is turning into a D-1 player right before our eyes. He can score, he plays defense, and he is a true team player. He's one of the most consistent players for the 16-u Stangs and he's going to make Pershing that much better.

Chris Jones, 2010, 17-u Triple Threat- Jones ran with T.T. this weekend and put on a shooting clinic from deep. He knocked down five 3-pointers against the Michigan Ballers in a come from behind win.

Mike Fugate, 2009, 17-u Mustangs- the PG made his Stang debut over the weekend and handled his business. His ability to push the ball and set up teammates in transition fit in perfectly with the athletes on the Mustang roster.

Shaquille Smith, 2011, 16-u Flint Affiliation- Shaq is going to be a good PG in his class, the only problem is that there are a lot of good players ahead of him right now. He has played up all spring and has been the best player for Bracket's 16-u FA.

Rico Stewart, 2009, 17-u Eastern Quakers- Rico also took some time away from the Stangs and played with his school team. Nobody has taken advantage of this AAU season more than Rico has. He has added his name to the list of top PG's in his class.

Derek Thompson, 2008, 17-u Showtime- The former Detroit Community player showed off what he has learned after a year of prep school. He has gained about 25 pounds of muscle and has improved his jump shot. He poured in 41 against ACB hoops.


Avidonlooker said...

Is Phugate....Fugate from OAA? If it is, is he leaving OAA for the Mustangs. I like watching that kid. Smartest ball player I have seen in a long time!

NGS said...

Yes, it is! Sorry I spelled the name wrong the first time. Talking to his Dad he is still committed to OAA as of right now but they like the Mustangs and he might just play with them from here on out.