Friday, August 22, 2008

Hartland scrimmage

(Hartland's -Matt Poches blocks downfield against C-A)
(C-A's Nick Hill find daylight against Hartland)
(Hartland's Chris Cagle takes off down field)
(Ogemaw Height's Alex Rose gets rid of a blocker)

Hartland- Thursday morning Hartland High school hosted a five team scrimmage that included the home town Eagles, Flint Carman-Ainsworth, Ogemaw Heights, Ortonville-Brandon, Tecumseh. Below are some of my thoughts along with top performances from the teams and individual players. All ranks are based only on Thursday's scrimmage. We all know teams don't go deep into the playbooks during scrimmages and do plenty of shuffling around with players and personal.

**The best match-up was Hartland's offense against Carman-Ainsworth's defense. I thought the C-A speed would give Hartland problems but Cagle found the endzone with his arm and feet.

**I like Carman's offensive line. All five players are huge and can move around. Tre Branch and Ricky Clemens are beast.

**I think Ogemaw Heights is in for a long playoff run. They are experienced, and just seem to play well together.

**On one play Carman had a real hard sack on Brandan's quarterback. The two teams started a scuffle but all was calmed down. Just seemed like two physical teams were having fun, got a little out of control, but then tempers were cooled.

1. Hartland looked real good by spreading it out and doing whatever they wanted. Fun to watch with all those offensive weapons.

2. Ogemaw Heights pound it, pound it, and then slip the tight end past everyone for the pass. That's what they did extremely well all day against all four teams.

3. Carman-Ainsworth speed all over the field, QB just needs to get comfortable. Looked good at times but also showed some inexperience.

4. Brandon did a solid job with misdirection plays. Timing was just a little off through out the day.

5. Tecumseh fun to watch- they pack it in like a rugby team. All 11 players are jammed into the line and pocket.


1. Carman-Ainsworth I'll still rank them #1 for the day but that has allot to do with talent and speed. Hartland's #1's scored on them a couple times but C-A's defense was the toughest for the day.

2. Ogemaw Heights at first I thought the secondary was too small but them boys can defend. Upfront they plugged the wholes and Alex Rose made a majority of the tackles.

3. Brandon didn't give up many big plays. Teams did score but Brandon didn't make easy.

4. Hartland pass defense is OK but the run defense gave up too many big runs.

5. Tecumseh C-A and Ogemaw ran all over them and Hartland ate them up in the air.


1. Alex Rose, Ogemaw Heights, TE/DE- goes about 6-2 and 230 pounds. Dominated at every position, he'll start at TE and DE but he also played a lil RB and OLB. Great hands and is the go-to receiver. Big time playmaker!

2. Chris Cagle, Hartland, QB- didn't play or show much but was just a step ahead of everyone else on the field. Showed great poise and experience. Sat back and just picked all four teams apart as well as scored on a couple option keepers.

3. Trey Branch, Carman, DE/G- Branch is just too physical for the high school game. 3-year starter at D-end and he's only a junior. Just ate up lineman with multiple moves.

4. Lance Simmons, Carman, RB- he looks like a power back at 6-0/220 but he has that extra gear once he gets past the line. Was just a load to bring down.

5. Vonn Jones, Hartland, WR/C- Jones burnt every corner he matched up against. Just a pure athlete with great hands.

6. Matt Poches, Hartland, WR- the 6-4 sophomore is tough- big time deep threat and proved it with two 40+ yard TD's. Did a great job blocking down field.

7. Adrian Grant, Carman, S- just what you want out of a safety. Covered the whole field and came up fast to make the tackle. deflected three passes that I saw.

8. Eric Noble, Ogemaw Heights, QB- the 6-2 QB knows how to run an offense. Didn't throw that much but completed it almost every time he did throw. Good mobility inside the pocket.

9. Ben Bagby, Tecumseh, TE- 6-5 and slim but did got the job done blocking on the line. Caught a couple big yardage passes.

10. Kyle Summerfield, Hartland, RB/LB- tough as heck and just a pure football player. A north and south runner that loves contact, led the Eagle defense at LB.

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