Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Dawkins' Boot Camp: Standout Campers

(above: Trey Babers)

(above: Davielle Thomas)

(below: Dorian Dawkins)
Below are the top 15 campers (men and women) from Coach Dawkins' Boot Camp. While talent played a factor the top 15 were picked mostly on work ethic and attitude. Players are listed in alphabetical order.

Trey Babers, Saginaw, 2011- Get to know this name! Trey doesn't get much pub but the kid is a player- it's in his genes. The 6-3 combo guard just might end up being a better player than his cousin Day-Day.

Pierre Brackett, Hamady, 2011- Pierre is just a work horse- these are the kind of events where the 6-3 wing just shines! Overall he might have had the best day when it came to drills and game performances.

Dorian Dawkins, Saginaw, 2013- I was really impressed with D.D., he handled every drill like an upperclassmen. During the scrimmages he showed off his ability to be the "go-to-scorer" and a "pass-first-PG".

Porsha Fluker, Hamady, 2011- just another stud from the Lady Hawks program. Great work ethic, no complaining just went about her business. Got it done on both ends of the floor.

Jordan Hare, Saginaw, 2012- (pictured below) Hare stands at 6-5 and could end up being a PG. He is fundamentally sound and has a solid shot from 3-point range. Looked good in the ball drills but will need to improve defensively, but no worries because Dawkins is on top of it. If Hare continues to work he is a star in the making.

Roy Jackson, Hamady, 2010- I don't know how this 6-2 PG slips through all the rankings. Part of it is do to the fact that 2010 is so loaded at the guard position but Jackson's name deserves to be mentioned.

Connor McCane, Rockford, 2011- came in and went right to work. Worked extremely hard in the drills and was impressive in the games. Took care of the ball at the point and scored when needed.

Daquavion McCants-Wilson, K-Zoo Central, 2011- wasn't as ball skilled as some of the other players but was very impressive. Short and stocky PG that plays physical and knows how to get into his opponent's jersey.

Tommie McCune, Saginaw, 2011- I know it was his coach and his school but all day long Tommie carried himself like a leader. Since he was familiar with the drills he helped others learn. McCune just might be ready to be a Trojan leader this season!

Quincie Norman, Detroit, 2013- A player to keep an eye on! Long and active around the basket at 6-3. Struggled at times against the older players but that was to be expected, however he kept on fighting.

Nate Schmidt, A.A. Huron, 2010- big strong body but had a soft touch on his jump shot. Wasn't the fastest camper but understood the importance of defensive position. At 6-3 he played all 5 positions in the games.

AJ Thomas, Heritage, 2010- AJ has really improved his foot speed and it showed in the drills. He was one of the quickest campers in Dawkins' different defensive drills. Thomas has also improved his ability to finish near the basket. Should have a huge junior year!

Davielle Thomas, Heritage, 2010- I was very impressed with this PG's skills, and she works just as hard as she is skilled. Solid with both hands and very quick feet. She was good in the defensive drills.

Diamond Tolliver, Saginaw, 2010- I don't think Diamond understands just how talented she is, I would like to see her take her game to another level. Very tough and can really get to the basket. She has high major potential.

Christian Vaughn, St. Marks, 2012- outlasted all of the other campers in the cross country run and the bleachers. Was also one of the best pure shooters in the shooting drills.

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