Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Spiece Run-N-Slam: 16-U division

Just when you think you have an idea on what teams are the standouts somebody else surprises you. Last weekend at King James the Mustangs toppled The Family by 25 points on there way to the gold division championship runner-up. This week it was Common Bond who made the long run to the gold division "final 4".

The Mustangs struggled this week to find any kind of consistency. True, they were without Jon Horford (sick), Trey Ziegler (played 17's), and Maurice Jones (bounced up and down with the 17's) and yet they were still able to advance to the gold bracket with a 2-1 record. In the first round of bracket play they were bounced by their next door Adidas neighbor- Ohio Basketball Club. OBC's 6-7 Dakotah Euton, a Kentucky commit, hurt the Stangs with his 3-point shots.

The Family was able to find success against OBC as they managed to beat them in the very next round. The family was on a 5-0 roll before they faced Common Bond in the quarter-final. NGS was not able to attend the game but did hear CB's inside presence of 6-7 Mohammed Conde, 6-6 Jaylen Larry, and 6-3 Pat O'Brien were the difference.

Other Michigan teams that were able to make some noise over the weekend were the Michigan Hurricanes, the Central All-Stars, and TEAM Basketball. The Hurricanes are trying to bounce back from a down recruiting year. The Canes made a solid run in the gold division before falling to the Ohio Gators, leading the way was 6-7 Chris Beecham. While the Canes are trying to hold on to their elite status the Central-All Stars and TEAM Basketball are trying to get there. No AAU team around runs their offense to perfection like C.A.S. does under Coach Doug Brotherton and he has sharp shooter Tony Larkins to put up the points. TEAM Basketball also has to counter back against other team's talent with a perfected offense but they also had CJ Olaniyan to clean up the mess off the glass.

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