Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Introducing Ray McCallum Jr.

When Ray McCallum excepted the head coaching job at the University of Detroit, one of the first questions asked was what was going to happen to his son- Ray Jr.

Ray McCallum Jr. is a nationally ranked point guard in the class of 2010 and you can instantly add his name to the list of Michigan's top players regardless of class. It is still unclear what high school Lil Ray will attend, although rumors lean toward U of D Jesuit. If that is the case then Jordan Morgan and U of D will be able to contend for a State Title. Whatever high school that does get this prep star will instantly become that much better. Michigan is considered a hot bed for prep athletes and McCallum gives Michigan one more name to boast! Below is McCallum's profile sheet:

Name- Ray McCallum

Nickname- Lil Ray

Height- 6-1

Position- point guard

High School- undecided

AAU Team- Indiana Elite

Grade- 10th

Age- 16

Birthdate- 6/12/91

Biggest influence in life- My Dad

Greatest Attribute- Shooting

Needs to improve- defense

Best player I have played with- Samardo Sammuels

Best player I have played against- Brandon Jennings

Favorite player- Chris Paul

Favorite musical artist- Lil Wayne

Most memorable sports experience- my first dunk

Achievements- being one of the top players in my class

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