Tuesday, April 29, 2008

King James: 16-under

The Michigan Mustangs advanced all the way to the gold championship but there they fell to All-Ohio 53-77.

Reach Legends and Common Bond played each other in pool play but Common Bond proved to be too much for Reach to handle as they took a 20 point win, CB went on to win their pool but they were bounced in the first round of bracket play.

Both The Family and the Mustangs won their pool games with ease. The Family fought through the gold bracket by winning three games by a total of 10 points. The games were all tight and close but guards Michael Talley and DeAndray Buckley led the way. A one point win over DC Assault gave The Family a semi-final birth where they faced long time rival the Mustangs.

The Mustangs were rolling all on all cylinders, even without Jon Horford, who missed the trip due to an illness. In bracket play the Stangs overwhelmed Mac Irvin Fire by 20 points. Sultan Mohammed ran the floor to help lead the way.

In the next round the Stangs topped the New York Gauchos and their fast pace guard play by countering back with guards Dedo Jackson and Maurice "Pookie" Jones. The Stangs went on to win by a score of 61-56.

In the quarter-final game the Stangs beat Triple-Threat behind the play of 6-9 Alex Guanna. The big man dominated the paint as the Stangs won the game 60-53.

In the semi-final match-up, between the Stangs and The Family, the Stangs left little doubt that they were the better team and boasted the better players. Both Pookie Jones and Dedo Jackson played with a chip on their shoulder as they wanted to prove that they are better point guards than Michael Talley. The dynamic duo took turns going right at Talley. While Pookie and Dedo were dominating the perimeter, LaDonte Henton was dominating the post with his athleticism. The Stangs overwhelmed The Family with a final score of 76-59.

In the championship game the Stangs missed Horford as they struggled to match All-Ohio big man for big man. All-Ohio's Jared Sullinger, top 10 player nationally that's committed to Ohio State, gave the Stangs problems on the block. A 3-pointer from Dedo Jackson cut the halftime lead to 5 points but All-Ohio wore down the Stangs in the second half.

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